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PUB 201

PUB 201, it’s been real

Yesterday I pitched my brand idea to the panel of judges and to my class, and I think it went really well! I’m hopeful that one day I can turn Anne Lauren into a successful brand. Not only was yesterday’s presentation my last of the semester, but it was the last presentation of my university […]

PUB 201 Social Media

The Power of Pinterest

Cliff Kuang talks about Pinterest in his article titled “The Astounding Power of Pinterest” and how, pertaining to my brand specifically, this photo sharing website is dominated by women. I’ve discussed previously how ideally, I’d like Anne Lauren to consist of accessories for both men and women. However, to jump start my brand I have decided to […]

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Powerful Brand Narratives

“What are some of the more memorable brand narratives that you have come across?” — When I think of memorable brand narratives I think of athletic brands with slogans like Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing”, and Nike’s “Just Do It”. I have been athletic all my life, playing soccer from the age of 4 to 20. When […]

Jewelry PUB 201 Style

The Story Behind Anne Lauren

Hello everyone! Today in class we had a guest speaker, John Burns, who spoke to us about our brand stories and what kind of stories brand stories can be. He basically said brand stories are no different than any type of story, really. It’s just what makes something unique and different from another thing similar […]