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The Story Behind Anne Lauren

Hello everyone!

Today in class we had a guest speaker, John Burns, who spoke to us about our brand stories and what kind of stories brand stories can be. He basically said brand stories are no different than any type of story, really. It’s just what makes something unique and different from another thing similar to it. Anne Lauren, as stated in my headline is “inspired by sisters”. My middle name is Anne, and my sister’s middle name is Lauren. The name of the company was chosen by my father, who has been in the jewelry industry for thirty years. He wanted to create something new and different for the jewelry market. He had asked me what I thought about it and if I could help with getting the brand started, but at the time I didn’t really know where to begin and how to create a blog and social media profiles for the brand, so PUB 201 has really been the perfect opportunity for me to pick up where my dad left off. Anne Lauren will consist of styles that my sister and I love. I love the moon and the sun, and cute dainty jewelry that symbolizes nature and wildlife, like leaves and trees. I’m all about the West Coast style. My sister, Emma, loves elephants and hearts. I’d love to give Anne Lauren a multicultural twist, maybe incorporating the Thai culture into our jewelry line, as well, with elephants and symbols. I would like Anne Lauren to represent our interests and our passions, and tell the story of two sisters.



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